hi craptracker users! you should try the new replacement, bitbin and let me know if there are any issues. thanks!
Sample songs:
okksong by coda
cavestory remix by ALT & coda
keep on rockin [orig by neil young] by coda
nobusong by nobuyuki
the moon [orig from ducktales] by nobuyuki
spookysong by coda
std. bubblebobble by coda
monday [orig by random voice] by coda
hybrid [orig by quazar] by coda
51 messages recieved by coda
CLASS cracktro 09 [orig by maktone] by coda
sunset ninja theme by coda
wouldn't it be nice [orig by beach boys] by coda
TRSI.crack09 [orig by ?] by devin
cat torture song by computerLizard
untitled by computerLizard
a song about my dick by coda
some gradius song by coda
smb3 world1 by coda
moon song [orig from cave story] by coda
digital moondust [orig by skyrunner] by coda
tetrinet [orig by...forgot] by coda
generalized potatochip algorithm by coda
crab stop by coda
ano hi ni [orig from video girl ai] by a-san
URL to access your song:

enter notes with the keyboard, like this:
(you'll get used to it.)

tip: when you're playing, hit the spacebar or down arrow to count rests.

the columns are lead, harmony, bass, and drums in that order.
by default, the lead and harmony are saw waves, bass is triangle wave,
and the drums are waveforms modeled after C64 drums.

drum channel: C-1(Z) is kick(o), C-2(Q) is snare(#), and G-1(B) is hihat(+).

left/right arrow keys switch between the 
	note, instrument, volume, and effect columns.
use shift+click or ctrl+click to select a range of notes.
ctrl+c to copy notes, ctrl+v to paste notes.
delete key removes all notes in the selection.
backspace key removes all notes in the selection and 'removes the hole'
	(i.e., moves everything else up in the channel)
insert key inserts a new row in the channel 
	(i.e., moves everything else down)

0 (shown as -): sawtooth wave  
1: square wave (1:2 duty cycle) 
2: pulse wave A (1:4 duty cycle) 
3: pulse wave B (1:8 duty cycle) 
4: pulse wave C (1:16 duty cycle) 
5: triangle wave 
on the bass channel, saw and triangle are swapped 
	and the notes play 2 octaves lower.

these are all copied off of MOD effects.
keep in mind that the numbers are in hexadecimal.

0xy - arpeggiate between:
	note, note+x semitones, and note+y semitones
	e.g. D-1 - -- 037 is (D-1, F-1, A-1)
1xx - portamento (pitch slide) up at speed xx.
2xx - portamento (pitch slide) down at speed xx.
3xx - tone portamento: slide to current note from previous at speed xx.
4xy - vibrato (pitch modulation) with rate x and depth y.
Axy - volume slide: fades volume up by x, down by y.
Cxy - waveform modulation: cycle between current inst, inst x, and inst y
	e.g. D-1 2 -- C34 is (pulse wave A, pulse wave B, pulse wave C)
	     D-1 1 -- C05 is (square wave, sawtooth wave, triangle wave)
Dxx - loop to beginning. xx is unused.
Fxy - set speed to y (x is unused). delay between rows is y*20 ms.

this applet is designed to run under java 1.5. 
if you still have 1.4.2, please upgrade - it will run much faster.
if the sound is skipping, try lowering the sample rate and/or
	increasing the buffer size.
download craptracker winamp plugin craptracker is not yet complete. i know i haven't updated it in a long time but i plan on fixing some small bugs and either adding in a loop effect or storing the songs on the server with multiple patterns.
05.14.06 changelog:
scrolling is fixed on songs that loop before the last row
added craptracker winamp plugin

06.19.05 changelog:
scrolling syncs using the length of the song so it should be close enough now.
you can use '00' for a parameter in any effect to use the last parameter.
 - this probably won't reduce song size much
 - but it's useful if you have a long row of identical effects, so you can
   change them all at once!
added subdomain ct for shorter URLs 

06.06.05 changelog:
hold shift to lower the note 1 octave. the range is now C-0 to E-3
 - bass is still one octave lower, so including arps the range is > 5 octaves
 - remember not to hit shift+down, which is still 'increase selection downward'
added Cxy waveform modulation effect (MCK and SID can do this, right?)
speed is set for all columns simultaneously.
 - now you can do swing time. e.g.: "wouldn't it be nice"
 - scrolling will be out of sync if you change the speed mid-song.
fixed a bug in tracker.pl 'blank' having two ? chars

05.26.05 changelog:
fixed GIANT-ass memory leak during repaint
a note resets to its normal frequency after an arp 
 - so you don't have to retrigger the note anymore (space-saving!)
new notes only change the note value (instead of clearing the volume/instrument/fx). 
likewise, space now clears the note value ONLY.

05.24.05 changelog:
scrolling is centered on current note, like fasttracker, MPT, and NT2
the scrollbar still has the old constraints and i don't know how to get around that :(

05.19.05 changelog:
tone portamento is implemented.
vibrato works correctly and has reasonable speed.
4xy and Axy 's parameters are in MOD order (they were reversed before)
Fxy speed matches MOD speed - default is F07. this is gonna screw up old tunes.
notes are held until the next note. to cut a note off set the volume to 0 or fade it out.
you can volume slide/portamento over multiple lines (leave the note column blank)
you can change volume or instrument without specifying a new note 
	(please make use of these, it helps compact the save-string)

05.13.05 changelog:
tracker-style view.
instruments, volume, some basic effects.
copy & paste.

05.03.05 - project started
discuss craptracker here